Next Generation Managed Malware Protection:
Next generation of cybersecurity for the new work dynamic 
An evolving threat landscape and changing work environment need essential cyber protection

The sophistication of attacks such as malware have evolved rapidly in only a few years, and the growing remote and hybrid work environment has raised the risk by significantly increasing the potential attack surface of most businesses. Hybrid work models and a digital-first economy have brought cybersecurity front and center as a critical investment that can make or break your business.

What is the most common threat facing small businesses?

The number one threat faced by small businesses is a ransomware. Ransomware is a type of malicious software that encrypts your data so that you cannot view or utilize it unless you make a ransom payment to the threat actor who may or may not unencrypt it. Other commonly faced threats include malware, phishing via malicious links, and zero-days.

What are Next Generation Managed Malware Protection Services?

Our Next Generation Managed Malware Protection is an adaptive security service that uses a holistic approach to anticipate, respond to constantly protect all endpoints, blocking threats but also ensuring fast recovery in case of breaches. Leveraging the experience of past threats, our security solution capabilities are constantly evolving — gathering contextual information both within your systems and the environment. These services give you access to an expert team that ensures you are provided with the best security service possible, so that you can do what you know best — growing your business. 
How a Next Generation Managed Malware Protection secures your business?

An evolving threat landscape and a constantly changing work environment need endpoint protection against most common threats to allow your business to grow and stay secure. With the Next Generation Managed Malware Protection services, your business is better secured by:

Knowing your business’s risks and vulnerabilities: Knowing and being able to measure where cybersecurity risks are at any time.
Staying ahead of advanced threats: Staying ahead of the increasingly sophisticated threat landscape is a “make or break” for your business.
Extended security through a trusted IT advisor: We stop cyberattacks as you work remotely, move to the cloud and adopt new technologies. We help you detect threats earlier, react faster and stay secure.

Top three benefits of Next Generation Managed Malware Protection for your business:

Block modern threats
Address the wide plethora of modern threats faced by organizations of all-sizes that can lead to severe financial and reputational damage, regulatory penalties and business disruptions. Stay protected with a managed malware protection leveraging a technology certified by AV Comparatives, ICSA Labs, AV Test, VB100, proving its effectiveness against threats in the wild. 

Strengthen your business resilience 
Business resilience is not a destination; rather, it is a process of continuous improvement and adaption to incorporate your business’s ongoing digital transformation. We keep your business protected from disasters whether natural or cybercrime related, and increase the level of readiness to maintain critical functions and recover after any disruption.

Bolster regulatory compliance
Safeguard your company’s reputation, and improve your regulatory compliance with the right cybersecurity team and solution that can strengthen the protection of confidentiality, integrity and availability of your customers’ data. 

What makes our Next Generation Managed Malware Protection unique to other cybersecurity services:

Continuous improvement and adaptive cybersecurity
Blending artificial intelligence and cybersecurity accelerates security effectiveness in real time, but also can evolve with your current or future business landscape.

Rapid recovery whenever your business needs it
Your records and data are kept secure via our unique approach of combining cloud backup with cyber protection — ensuring that a reliable copy of data is always available, anywhere, at any time.

Live threat intelligence alerts from a worldwide network of expert security analysts
Be prepared to face any emerging threats with Acronis Cyber Protection Operation Centers (CPOC) that monitor the threat landscape and release actionable alerts. 

Ongoing cybersecurity reporting so you are always in the know
Communication with transparency and clear reporting for you helps you understand the current potential threats and also see the value this managed endpoint security service creates.

A team of experts and a service you can trust
Our services team delivers the latest and most advanced capabilities to identify and minimize business risks and provides 24x7x365 protection against threats. Our business-focused collaborative service team tailors all your technology and security services to fit exactly to your business’s needs. We put your business first and remain focused on your business goals.

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