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Cybersecurity Services,
Defend against today’s cyberthreats 
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Cybersecurity Services,
The truth is that sophisticated, modern cyberattacks are being launched daily against businesses of all sizes – including small-to-medium sized organizations. These attacks come from a wide variety of approaches and if a single attempt is successful it could shut your doors for good. Our cybersecurity services are designed to make sure that doesn’t happen. 

Cyberattacks are on the rise
You’ve seen cyberattacks in action if you’ve seen the news lately. In fact, during the height of the COVID pandemic cybercrime rose by 400%. Companies are facing everything from data breaches, to complete system outages, to ransomware attacks that cost them enormous amounts to recover from. 

"The average cost of a data breach is now $3.56 million. 
And the average ransomware payment is over $100,000."

Standard cybersecurity solutions aren’t keeping up
Meanwhile, cybercriminals are constantly evolving their techniques to get around the defenses businesses have in place. With 350,000 brand new types of malware reported every day, solutions that may have helped before won’t necessarily be reliable tomorrow. 

The impact is devastating: Beyond the cost of lost data and the risk of having to pay a ransom to unlock your business, cyberattacks also threaten businesses with losses from regulation noncompliance and untold reputational damage.

"60% of small companies that are hacked close in half a year.” 
- Cybersecurity Ventures

Machine learning makes it possible to protect businesses today
Our team strives to stay ahead of threats no matter how they evolve, enhancing our cybersecurity services with machine learning capabilities that detect, prevent, and help you recover from any cyberthreat with more speed and reliability than anyone else.

Our cybersecurity services include:
  • Endpoint protection with Machine learning-based antimalware and antiransomware
  • Integrated Managed Next Generation Firewall from Fortinet
  • Managed anti spam
  • SOC as a Service
  • URL filtering and categorization
  • Backup integrations to ensure backups aren’t deleted or compromised 
  • Forensic data collection to lower the costs of any future recovery
Cybersecurity that actually keeps you secure
There are some parts of your business’ IT needs that are essential to your success. Today, modern cybersecurity services fall into that category. As your business grows in scale, headcount, and success your IT environment is going to get more complex and the threat of cyberattacks will only increase.
Our team is dedicated to monitoring cyberthreats as they evolve to ensure that the cybersecurity services we offer are always a step ahead. This helps to minimize risk for your business, closing security gaps, and giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re protected.

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