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If you can detect attacks,
you can stop them.
Advanced security and EDR services
Combat increasingly sophisticated threats with advanced endpoint
security controls
Why consider EDR services?
Traditional anti-malware solutions and services are no longer enough to safeguard your business and data from cyberthreats. Cybercriminals target endpoint devices to gain unauthorized access, steal data or disrupt operations. And considering it takes an average of 207 days to identify a breach, fortifying your organization and being able to take the right steps in the event of a breach is crucial.

Our Advanced Security and EDR solution
Our EDR-based services provide real-time monitoring, threat detection and incident response capabilities to protect endpoints against advanced threats. It automatically detects threats and attacks, streamlines analysis and ensures that the threat is remediated while your business keeps running efficiently. And all of this is at a cost that’s affordable for businesses of any size.

Key capabilities
  • Rapid attack prioritization and incident analysis
  • Business continuity with integrated backup and recovery
  • Effective and cost-efficient service
It takes 277 days to identify and contain security threats
50% of all social engineering attacks are pretexting incidents
4.35M USD is the average total cost of a data breach
60% of breaches now involve some form of hacking

Let us help

Our team brings extensive security expertise and a professional commitment in managing your business's IT requirements. Our services provide a holistic response to threats that ensures your business continuity.

Here's how we can protect your business with our EDR solution:

    1. Detect and block threats before they become breaches

    2. Remediate ongoing attacks

    3. Quick reporting on security incidents

    4. Enable compliance with regulatory requirements

    5. Ensure business continuity

    Discover more about enhanced endpoint protection and how we can assist.

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